In a world buzzing with noise and societal expectations, I offer you a sanctuary to delve into the core of your being, and find yourself again. Leveraging my distinct approach, we will gently unveil the intricate layers of your identity, light the way to a purposeful life, and embolden you to project an authentic presence.

Together, we will navigate the path to authenticity, where your self, life, and personal brand identity seamlessly intertwine, creating a harmonious and genuinely authentic existence that resonates both in your online presence and everyday life.

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Delve into the depths of who you truly are, explore your passions, and understand your unique essence. My curated approach gently guides you through introspective exercises, unveiling the real you. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate a profound connection, laying the foundation for a life aligned with your truest aspirations.


In the midst of life’s demands and burnout, you will get the chance to slow down, reflect, and reignite your passions. Going beyond surface solutions, we will explore the root causes, reshaping priorities and reconnecting with your true self. This is an intentional rethinking of existence, a transformative shift towards a life aligned with purpose and joy. 

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In a digital age where personal branding can veer off course, you will learn how to relax, allowing your true values, voice, and vision to shine through. My mission is to help you present to the world an authentic reflection of who you are, aligning your online presence seamlessly with your genuine self. Join me on this liberating journey where your entire online persona resonates with your true beliefs, creating a purpose-led brand that feels as real as you are in person.

Authentic Methodology


My methodology’s core lies a foundation built on academic rigor and thoughtful dialogue. With a Master’s degree in Philosophy, I draw from the rich philosophical tradition to create a space where introspection and dialog become catalysts for personal transformation. This intellectual foundation is the bedrock of my coaching philosophy, fostering a deep understanding of the self and the world. Recognizing ‘Who am I’ as a profound philosophical inquiry, our coaching journey navigates the intricate paths of self-discovery, inviting you to explore the depths of your identity through a philosophical lens.


As a CERTIFIED IKIGAI TRIBE COACH, I focus on the Japanese concept of Ikigai in its original sense. This complex notion, accompanied by the third-generation coaching methodology, allows us to approach life and ourselves more organically. This exploration extends beyond the Westernized understanding of ikigai – and takes us through different concepts of Japan’s culture and teachings of Mieko Kamiya, the mother of ikigai, resulting in rich, meaningful life and a better understanding of ourselves and our roles in the world.

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Incorporating the creative and expressive elements of Drama, my methodology takes a unique and dynamic turn. As a CERTIFIED DRAMA TEACHER, I leverage the principles of creative drama to enhance the coaching experience. This approach goes beyond traditional coaching methods, introducing imaginative exercises and role-play that tap into your innate creativity. By integrating Drama, I provide a space for exploration, self-expression, and the uncovering of hidden aspects of your identity. This innovative approach adds a layer of depth and richness to my coaching, fostering a holistic and engaging transformational experience.

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For much of my life, I grappled with the complexities of personal identity. The struggle to merge various personas with the real me was a formidable challenge—one that often felt like navigating a labyrinth of self-discovery. It was a journey marked by its share of hardships, lessons learned the hard way, and a quest for genuine authenticity.

This struggle shaped not only my personal narrative but also became the driving force behind Sofia Movens. My mission is simple yet profound: to make the journey of self-discovery and identity alignment a bit easier for others. I’ve walked the path of unraveling my own layers, wrestling with the nuances of identity, and reconciling different facets of my being. Now, I’m here to illuminate that path for you.

With a Master’s degree in Philosophy and over a decade of experience in digital marketing, I seamlessly weave together intellectual depth and practical insights. My approach extends beyond coaching; it’s a commitment to creating a safe and inspiring space where you can explore your true self, navigate life transitions, and craft a personal brand that authentically mirrors your identity. Join me on this odyssey where philosophy meets practice, where the struggles of my past converge into a beacon of guidance for your own journey.

Graceful self-discovery behind the Sofia Movens Brand is not just a concept—it’s an invitation to embrace authenticity, to make the intricate dance of self-discovery a bit more graceful, and to illuminate the path toward your most genuine self.