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Welcome to a safe and inspiring haven for sensitive creators where we learn how to become world-class creative entrepreneurs and leave a legacy.

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Find Your Ikigai & Purpose

Learn about the simplest yet the most powerful principles that will help you find your place under the Sun and in the world. It's not easy, but it is simple.

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(Re)build your brand from scratch

Your business outgrew your brand and now you are looking for a professional to help establish new voice, style and strategically position yourself on the market?

You're here because you're ready to:

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Tell Your Story Like a Pro

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs vibe at a different level. Learn how your story can help your business, and how you can tell it like a pro.

Find You place under the Sun

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Hello, I'm Sonja

Everything, happens for a good reason

Mentoring creative individuals & business owners

Hey there, my fellow entrepreneur. I believe that everything happens for a good reason, even the challenges we go through in life. Today, I am a successful ceramic studio owner, self-made entrepreneur, and head of a marketing agency. But not so long ago, I was exactly where you are today. Struggling to find my purpose and place under the Sun. Little did I know that my story will become a powerful business-building tool.

The power of togetherness

Ways To Work Together

One of the best ways to do great things in life is to partner with people who’ve been exactly where you are today and to let them show you the way. I strongly believe in the power of togetherness, where everybody brings their own experiences, wants, needs, and fears (a very common thing among entrepreneurs) to the table. Joining group programs or committing to 1 on 1 work sessions is one of the best ways to start your journey to a purpose-driven life & business.

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind programs are intense online sessions, where we meet together in very small groups, committed to challenging our own beliefs and finding solutions through the power of dialog. Group programs are available only a few times a year, for both Ikigai and Creative Copywriting programs.

1 on 1 Consultations

In case you are ready to start working with me immediately, then 1on1 consultations are the best solution. These intuitive programs are tailor-made to suit your specific needs. The first step is to make sure that we are a match, so don't hesitate and book a free discovery call right away.

What is creative entrepreneurship?

Creative entrepreneurship

All Sofia Movens programs are based on the idea of Creative Entrepreneurship a self-standing business model based on creativity. Creative entrepreneurs vibe at a different level, face different challenges, and need different solutions to reach success and fulfillment.

We aren’t fascinated by scalability, we need to see the bigger picture and are constantly questioning ourselves and our place in this world. Still, creative entrepreneurs are business people and there is a big difference between someone who likes art and somebody who creates and sells art for a living.

29 Nov 2022

One of the most important things for entrepreneurs to learn - is how to build a personal brand. Having a strong personal brand empowers your voice and strengthens your influence, no matter the industry

13 Jun 2022

From the beginning of time, knowledge, wisdom, and events were passed down through stories. Our...

14 Apr 2022

The ikigai philosophy is the key to add meaning to the busy routine of everyday life. Happiness does not come later, discover yours in the here and now with ikigai philosophy.

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