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It is a mindset game, but do you really need a mentor?

It is easier to change your mindset if you have someone to guide you through the process.

Benefits of having someone to guide you through change

It is faster

In the end, you will get there yourself, and your path will be unique, but with proper guidance, you can get there via highway, instead of walking the backroads.

It is easier

We entrepreneurs like to do things on our own. But sooner or later we figure out that it is a lot easier to ask for help and let others share their knowledge and do their work.

It is fun

Working with mentors and coaches is quite fun. AHA moments, useful exercises, and easy processes lead to results through hard work, but nothing beats the power of laughter.


Methodology & Philosophy behind the programs

I combine professional marketing and strategic experience and knowledge with my background in philosophy and storytelling. The methodology behind my programs is strongly leaned upon the creative drama process – an art-based technique that opens our beings and teaches us to utilize our creative and cognitive powers.

All programs are authentic and designed to bring results based on your unique needs. Group programs are based on the premade agenda, but the flow of the workshops depends on the group sensibility. Individual programs are 100% tailor-made to accommodate each and every client.


Competence & Experience

All successful collaborations are built on trust. To get to know me better and evaluate my competence visit my YouTube channel and read my blog. Not only that you will find a massive amount of valuable information there, but you will get to know me, in a way. 

You will understand better how I think, what I teach & preach, and you will learn about my story, my other brands and businesses. For now, I will just tell you that I am a:

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Ikigai & Purpose

Mastermind Group Programs || 1 on 1

Ikigai & Purpose

Mastermind Group Programs || 1 on 1

Storytelling & Creative Copywriting

1 on 1 Online consultations

Storytelling & Creative Copywriting

1 on 1 Online Consultations