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Could you do me a favor? Stop for a brief moment and imagine a lemon. A freshly cut lemon. Now please imagine squeezing that freshly cut lemon straight into your mouth. How does it taste? Sour? Bitter? Not sure about you, but as I was writing these few sentences, my mouth started watering. And there’s no actual lemon in sight.

Words have power, they can make us laugh, they can make us cry, they can even make us salivate And they can make our business thrive. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression – and one of the pillars of copywriting.

Is this program for you? 100% if you are a:

small business owner

Small Business Owner

Learn how to tell your brand story like a pro, and you will never have to sell again. Your stories will do that job for you. Copywriting might not be the perfect career choice for everyone, but everyone can learn to tell stories. It is rooted deep down at the core of our human being.

aspiring copywriter

Aspiring Copywriter

If you have already tapped into copywriting, you know that the written word's nuances affect our decisions and mood. Become the master of fine-tuning and learn to tell the stories as if you were standing in your client's shoes. That is the name of one of the exercises we will go through together.

ready to explore sofia movens

Life & Business Coach

Both of these highly saturated industries leave no room for hesitation. Finding the right words, perfect voice, and unique style is one of the fastest ways to position yourself as a figure of authentic authority. Your bullet-proof story fortifies the coaching confidence within you, benefiting your clients, too.

creative copywriting and storytelling 1on1 Program Includes:

9 intensive

We will cover nine topics and emerge into hour-long dialogs to reach your newly set storytelling & storyselling goals.

A tailor-made program just for you

Apart from predefined topics, the program's structure is entirely based on your unique situation and needs. Doing homework is mandatory.

Creative Copywriting Secrets

You will learn creative and traditional copywriting secrets, collected during my 10+ years of experience in the creative and marketing industries.

Creative Drama Methodology

As one of the most transformative methodologies, creative drama helps us heal from within, in a fun and non-pretencious way

"Me as Me" style guide

You will learn how to structure, record, and write your thoughts and create your own authentic content across all channels and networks.

Exclusive access to other programs

It is a gift that keeps on giving - you will gain access to other Sofia Movens programs and exclusive offers.

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Sell your story like a pro

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