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brand narrative magic
5 Feb 2023

The brand narrative is one of the essential elements of brand-building strategies. It is the...

29 Nov 2022

One of the most important things for entrepreneurs to learn - is how to build a personal brand. Having a strong personal brand empowers your voice and strengthens your influence, no matter the industry

13 Jun 2022

From the beginning of time, knowledge, wisdom, and events were passed down through stories. Our...

14 Apr 2022

The ikigai philosophy is the key to add meaning to the busy routine of everyday life. Happiness does not come later, discover yours in the here and now with ikigai philosophy.

7 Apr 2022

For us ladies, the usual 9-5 lasts all day. We are constantly trying to find time for everything: work, family, friends, love life, housework, homework, exercise, hobby, shopping...

31 Mar 2022

It didn’t look like much back then, but from this perspective that was shockingly successful. With only 100 readers I sold my first workshop program, using nothing but Facebook event publishing feature,