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how to build a unique brand narrative around one single word (1)

How To Build A Personal Brand

One of the most important things for entrepreneurs to learn – is how to build a personal brand. Having a strong personal brand empowers your voice and strengthens your influence, no matter the industry

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the power of narrative – storytelling for entrepreneurs

The Power Of Narrative – Storytelling For Entrepreneurs

From the beginning of time, knowledge, wisdom, and events were passed down through stories. Our notion of the world exists through the narratives around us. We do not memorize facts and figures, product descriptions and promises. There is an inherent desire for human connection, which is something that in today’s

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curious black swan

The Curious Case Of A Black Swan

It didn’t look like much back then, but from this perspective that was shockingly successful. With only 100 readers I sold my first workshop program, using nothing but Facebook event publishing feature,

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