About me

There is a Story Behind Every Brand

You know how all good stories started in a garage? Well, my story started in the pantry. The walk-in kind of a pantry. Jokes aside, I did keep my office there, for a few months, but the story began much earlier. Right after I graduated from University I got and took an awesome opportunity to become a certified Creative Drama teacher. That was such a profound and life-changing experience for me. Hand in hand with another kind woman (whose name is also Sonja) I managed to organize creative drama festival “Baguž” in 2014, where we promoted our workshop series. 

Back then Sofia Movens was a blog, and it also served the purpose of promoting the workshop series, which in essence was a life-improving program, based on creative drama methodology. However, all good stories are layered, and it is hard to tell when it all began and how it unfolded…

Brand Values


simplicity sofia movens


For me, simplicity seems to be one of the most elegant of virtues. It goes hand in hand with grace and calmness. Grasping complex concepts and breaking them into small and simple chunks of information is a path to wisdom.

wisdom sofia movens


Traditionally, philosophy is defined as a quest for wisdom. Wisdom, in that sense, is a layer beyond all layers of thinking. It is the ultimate truth. Contemplation is the most potent tool for truth-seeking,

creativity sof mov


Our ability to consciously create keeps us closest to the divine and ancient. Creativity can heal us. It can teach us, it can bring us closer to each other. It keeps us in the here and now.



Although there is immense value in being alone, especially when contemplating and creating, nothing beats the power of togetherness. We share, give comfort and reach new rights together.



Being able to give is the biggest gift of them all. It means that you have something to give, and also someone to give it to. A paradox, without a doubt, by helping someone else, we usually end up helping ourselves the most.

Who am I

The Person Behind the Brand

Hello! You know what they say – like person, like brand. Yeah, I know. No one ever said that. If you have already browsed through the website, you already know that I tend to crack a bad joke now and then. 

Joke aside, it’s never easy to explain oneself. But, if I had to – I would say that I am a simple human being, a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and a friend—hopefully a good one. Also, I am pretty shy, but I cover that up with bad jokes. Usually at my own expense. For years I’ve struggled with things like imposter syndrome, and lack of self-esteem. And then, one morning after 15+ years of devoted inner work, I woke up realizing that these self-doubts will never pass. They are the most normal part of life and sometimes a good indicator that you are growing and expanding outside of your comfort zone. So, here I am, just like you, trying to find my place under the sun. 

My credentials


  • Philosophy Graduate Diploma, University of Novi Sad, 2008
  • Master Diploma in Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, 2014
  • Business Administration and Intercultural Communication, Managing International Projects & Culture and Career; Technical University of Munich, 2011
  • Drama Teacher / Intercultural studying, LOTREK/ Cekom OSTRVA/ISLANDS
  • Ethics Teachers’ Training Course of UNESCO at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, 2011

Workshops, group program, public lectures (author of the program and facilitator)

  • Baguž, 2015
  • Sofia Movens 10 Workshops, March 2015
  • Sofia Movens 8 Workshops, July 2017

Don't hesitate

Best things in life start with conversation

Feel free to contact me anytime, I’ll gladly answer all your questions and do my best hear you.